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From Large Brands to Independent Sellers … Swipin is the perfect space for you, to show your products, offer a better experience for your costumers and harness the value of the word-of-mouth - in one easy shoppable platform.

Why Swipin?

Swipin is a mobile social shopping app where people come to shop, discover products, collect items they like and get ideas from their friends, family and the community around.

A great place for discovery.

People can discover your products and your brand right into their feed, through their friend's recommendations, collection of products or while browsing into their friends' curated profile of products.

Engage in a
valuable way.

A great shopping experience where people recommend products to each other in a way that spreads the word about your products and builds a powerful and positive experience around your brand.

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Opening a Swipin Store is free, quick and easy.

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1. Create a Swipin Store account

Setting up a Swipin Store Account is easy, quick and free for businesses. Just add your email address, business information and tap Sign up ... in three clicks.

2. List your products

Add as many products as you want for free. Add products into your store by connecting with your existing catalog. If you don't have one you can list your products one-by-one.

3. Build your Branded Experience

Customize your storefront with your products, curated collections and bag ideas to create an online branded experience that gives the right message and impression for your brand.

Grow your Audience

Reach new people by tapping into communities of friends and like-minded people.

Drive Traffic

Get more people into your site through the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Increase Sales

Generate more sales for your online store.

Reward Screen

Grow your Audience

Reach new people by tapping into communities of friends and leverage the power of "word of mouth" to boost your online presence.

More than Traffic

Get more people into your store through peer-to-peer recommendations, generating new relevant leads and driving organic traffic.


Increase Conversion Rate

Generate more sales for your online store in a community where people get advice and suggestions from people they know.

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