The future of shopping.

Fun, Interactive & Social experience.


For everyone, everywhere.

Discover products, special deals and find what you need ... right on your phone screen from nearby stores to the brands you love.


Organize the way you Shop

Save products you Love. Collect them into Bags to keep your products Organized and Easy to Find. Collect products into bags based on your style, interest and ideas.

Shop with your Friends

Shop together with your friends, exchange opinions & ideas and make fun while shopping - all from your phone.


Invite your friends, add and remove products from your bag, get advice and discuss with one another.

Reward Points
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Rewarding and Fun

Shop in a fun and rewarding way.
Earn rewards for every action you take on Swipin and redeem the rewards right from your mobile phone.

Connect & Get Inspired

Share your Experiences

Share and Recommend your favorite products with the community around you.


Get ideas while shopping from friends, family, like-minded people or by Swipin.

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